Drink MILK After Eating fish it is safe or not

Big Myth in South Asia 😂


This is an age-old theory being passed down the generations. A very common myth rather a misconception in various parts of the world specially South Asia. The myth is that drinking milk before or after eating fish is harmful and if ever tried then one might end up suffering from a special type of skin disease known as skin pigmentation.

A number of fish dishes are prepared with curd as an essential ingredient and curd is a dairy product, thus this theory becomes redundant. While it cannot lead to adverse side effects like skin pigmentation, at the most it could lead to slight indigestion but that too, depends, from one person to another.

 Scientific Reason 🏥



The occurrence of white patches on your skin can be caused due to a fungal infection or destruction of pigment-forming cells called melanocytes in certain parts of the body, usually face or hands. Both fish and milk together or individually cannot result in any kind of skin disease. However, if you are lactose intolerant or allergic to a certain variety of fish, you may experience nausea, itching or stomach aches. This can happen if fish and milk are consumed together or separately or in combination with any other food item.

Many traditional fish preparations are made using curd, which is a milk product. Continental cuisine also has a variety or recipes that incorporate cream or cream based sauces with fish. However, if the fish preparation is too fiery, drinking milk after it may lead to issues like indigestion or acid reflux. Adverse side effects or white patchy skin has not been reported after eating milk or cream based fish preparations. So it is safe to say that drinking milk, curd, buttermilk or eating milk-based dessert will definitely not cause any white patches on your skin. 

When it is safe to cook fish with milk derivatives, it is equally safe and no wrong to conclude that having curd or buttermilk with fish or drinking milk or eating milk-based puddings after eating fish could cause any sort of adverse side effects to your health. However, we strongly recommend you to consult a doctor before trying this combination together or before/after each other.

If you have a Lactose problem and you eats fish and milk so you faces a skin problem and white patches, you don’t worry guys there is no scientifically or medically proves to milk and fish is causes a skin problem or skin patches. 🐟🐟

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