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The word “weak” is technically defined as “with insufficient strength”. This suggests a lack of function. However, the word “weak” is usually NOT used in fitness / bodybuilding circles to suggest a lack of function. That would be more the realm of physical therapy / rehabilitation. Rather, the word “weak” – in the fitness arena – is usually meant to refer to a muscle that is “under-developed”. In that case, the goal would be to increase the muscular size of that muscle, or to improve its shape or contour. It’s important to be clear about this, before we begin addressing a possible strategy.

Major problem of bodybuilder


Most of the time, people who are very serious about getting results embark on a workout program, and they seek some kind of guidance. They either hire a trainer or a coach, or they buy a book that spells out a typical fitness program. In either case, it’s very likely that they are following a program that includes one or two exercises for every major muscle group. This would include the following:

  1. Pectoralis major (“pecs” / chest muscle)
  2. Latissimus dorsi (“lats” / mid-back / V-taper)
  3. Upper Back (trapezius / rhomboids )
  4. Shoulders (side, front and rear deltoids)
  5. Triceps
  6. Biceps
  7. Quadriceps (frontal thighs)
  8. Hamstrings (back of the thighs)
  9. Glutes
  10. Calves
  11. Abs
  12. Lower Back

The possible reasons a body part might not be as developed as all the others:

  1. That muscle is not being worked ENOUGH
  2. That muscle is being OVER-WORKED
  3. That muscle is not being worked CORRECTLY
  4. That muscle won’t develop because of a genetic deficiency
  5. The shape of that muscle is not “appealing”, because of an inherent abnormality

Again, we’re assuming that you are not neglecting that “weak” body part. For example, let’s say your calves are “weak” (i.e., too small / under-developed), despite the fact that you have been working them regularly. Let’s look at the possible factors, one by one.

 Train Your Weak Points


Other than the primary lifts you’ll be doing, the only other focus you should have for now is on assistance movements. They work by strengthening a part of the movement or an area that carries over to your primary lifts.

For example, if your dead lift is weakest at the top, a rack pull could be used to specifically train the lockout portion of your dead lift.

You’re probably not training the muscle correctly (and also doing too many sets, of those incorrect movements). Training a muscle “correctly” includes several things – the right movement, the right range of motion, the right intensity, and the right frequency. (Note: it also includes “the right resistance curve”, but that requires too lengthy of an explanation, for this particular article….stay tuned for more later).

For example, most people fail to use a full range of motion when doing calf exercises. They do short, bouncy reps, which only constitute about 10-15% of the full range of motion. Often times, they don’t even allow their heels to go lower than the block on which their toes (balls of the feet) are pressing / standing. Obviously, that defeats the purpose of standing on the block. The person fails to fully elongate (stretch) the muscle, and they also fail to fully contract it. It would be like doing a standing barbell curl, but only doing the middle 10% of the range of motion.

First you train every muscle don’t skip any muscle some muscle take time to grow but have to patience and you add extra meal when you trained weak muscle and you personal advise weak up 1 hours early when you trained weak muscle and add more 500 calories in your food.

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