Top 3 Exercise for back muscle

In back muscle upper back (Traps) Mid back (Rhomboids) Lattissimus Dorsi (lats) lower back. These muscles are the major muscles in back, Back is the very big muscle in the upper body. Most important things are muscle and mind connection is very important. all this exercise is rep ranges are if you want to mass gain you hit 6 to 8 reps and you want cutting body you hit 10 to 12 rep ranges.

Lats pull down



While you cannot beat the chin up as a back exercise, the lat pulldown is additionally nice for increasing muscle. In fact, bodybuilders swear by it. Get the most out of the move by acting the exercise at a slow, controlled tempo. you must “feel” your lats operating every rep. Do 8 to 12 reps like this, ensuring your higher body remains in nearly constant position from beginning to finish.

DO THIS: Sit down at a lat pulldown station and grab the bar with an overhand grip that is simply beyond shoulder dimension. while not moving your body part, pull your shoulders back and down, and bring the bar down to your chest. Pause, then slowly come back to the beginning position.

Bent-Over Barbell Rows



Compared to different variations of the row — just like the single-arm dumbbell row — the barbell version allows you to use a lot of weight. row with heavier loads elicits a lot of muscle growth in your middle and lower traps, rhomboid major, rhomboid minor, higher traps, rear deltoids, and structure muscles.

The pronated (overhand) barbell row is a go-to exercise to figure your middle back muscles. simply use caution to use proper type and do not overload the bar.

DO THIS: Grab the exercising weight with an overhand grip, holding your hands simply more than shoulder breadth apart. Hinge at the hips and knees and lower your torso till it’s nearly parallel to the ground. Keep your back naturally arched, and make sure to avoiding rounding. Pull the bar to your higher abs and squeeze your shoulder blades toward each other. Pause, then slowly lower the bar back to the beginning position.




When it’s done right, the deadlift is a wonderful back exercise. As you choose up and place down the weight, your upper-back muscles—including your rhomboids, traps, erector spinae, rear deltoids, and lats—must fire on all cylinders to stay your torso straight and your lower back from rounding. It’s after you fail to interact these muscles that injuries will occur.

DO THIS: Load a barbell and roll it against your shins. Bend at your hips and knees and grab the bar with an overhand grip, your hands simply beyond shoulder width. Keeping your lower back naturally arched, pull your torso up and thrust your hips forward as you arise with the barbell. Lower the bar to the ground and repeat.

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