What to Eat during Fever (Cough/Sore Throat/Cold)

A blocked nose, a cough, and a sore throat are common symptoms of colds and flu. The following foods can help to ease congestion and inflammation and boost the immune system.



Fever (Cough/Sore Throat/Cold)

Fever typically accompanies the respiratory disorder. whereas intake and drinking cannot cure a fever, intense enough healthy foods, and fluids to keep up the association and minimizing weight loss is vital. If you have got a chilly or respiratory disorder you will not desire intake a lot of, however, your body is mistreatment additional energy to fight the infection. Energy expenditure is significantly high after you have a fever. the quantity of energy the body uses will increase by thirteen in adults for each 1oC increase in blood heat.

Drinking many fluids is vital throughout fever because the sweating that sometimes accompanies a fever will increase water loss. Adults ought to drink eight 250ml cups of fluid per day. kids aged over one year want a minimum of 90-120ml of fluid per hour and babies need a minimum of 30-60ml fluid per hour.




1. Ginger

Suggests that ginger could help to reduce the effects of cold and vomiting, although more studies are required to confirm these findings.

A person can make ginger tea by adding 1–2 teaspoons of fresh ginger to a cup of hot water. Steep the ginger for 5 minutes before straining the mixture and sweetening it with a little honey.

 2. Herbal teas

Experiencing cold and flu symptoms, it is important to stay hydrated. Herbal teas are refreshing, and breathing in their steam can help to clear mucus from the sinuses.

3. Honey

A sore throat can be caused by a bacterial infection. Honey is rich in antimicrobials that help to clear these types of infection. Honey may also be effective in treating children’s coughs, though it should not be given to infants under 12 months of age.

Remedy a cough with honey and lemon tea



Maintaining adequate association by drinking lots of fluids helps relieve a productive cough. Drinking a minimum of eight 250ml glasses of water daily has constant profit as mistreatment medicinal drug cough medication (one that loosens mucous secretion within the throat). Hot lemon and honey tea might relieve coughing. It’s an honest possibility for evening time coughing that disturbs your sleep.

Fix Headache problem

Dehydration can contribute to headaches. Maintaining adequate fluid intake is also important if you experience headaches during cold and flu infection.

If you suffering from fever/cold you must avoid sugaring food, sugar weakens your immune system and also avoid oily food. You add ginger and garlic chicken soup daal(khichdi) and Herbal tea, tea is the most important thing to prevent the common cold and Honey is also beneficial for our immune system.


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